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In Partnership since 2020

Optikey is an application which allows disabled people to communicate using only their eyes. Using an eye-tracker, a user can select symbols, type, control a mouse and have the computer speak their prepared response.

Optikey has been developed as an open source and free resource. Alternative and augmentative communication products can be extremely expensive and difficult to use. For the first time, Optikey makes the use of this life-changing technology a possibility for a much wider audience.  

The Mac Bevan Charitable Trust are supporting Opitkey by funding a pilot project in Pakistan which aims to build the evidence base for assistive technology programmes. Our grant has provided eye tracking systems, training, and support to 28 people living in Pakistan who have a range of disabilities, helping people to study, work, and communicate in a way which has previously been impossible.

Optikey: News
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