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FROM 2015

Set up by a group of doctors who travelled to Azad Kashmir in response to the 2005 earthquake in Northern Pakistan; Midland Doctors is a UK based non-profit organisation whose vision is for the poor and destitute to have access to free healthcare delivered with dignity and care. To achieve this vision Midland Doctors have established a state-of-the-art hospital which serves a vast area in the region of Kashmir, for those who can’t afford access to healthcare.
The Mac Bevan Charitable Trust have been funding Midland Doctors for a number of years with a specific focus on supporting the Malnutrition Project.  Alongside this, a recent emergency grant providing critical support during the COVID-19 crisis has made an impact on a number of villages within the region. Our grant helped to buy ventilators and essential medical supplies, as well as providing funding for online training for medical staff to enable them to safely treat patients diagnosed with COVID.

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