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In Partnership since 2021

The Burkina Health Foundation is a UK registered not-for-profit organisation focused on delivering sustainable healthcare in Burkina Faso.

One in ten school children have vision problems. Uncorrected refractive errors (poor vision due to myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, not corrected with glasses) are the first cause of visual impairment and a reason for school dropout and poor development in children.

In Burkina Faso few children have access to an eye check and spectacles. The Health system has limited capacity to deliver comprehensive eye care services. The cost of spectacles in the private sector is too high for the local population.

Following a successful school eye health pilot, reaching over 2,000 children in the city of Bobo Dioulasso, The Mac Bevan Charitable Trust have joined The Angus Lawson Memorial Trust in providing funding to scale up the programme. This partnership funding will greatly increase the number of schools enrolled, establish a good recall system to follow up children so that prescriptions/glasses can be updated and pilot a rural outreach screening programme to deliver these services to the most vulnerable children.

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