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In Partnership since 2021

Shivia is a UK registered charity working in India, the charity empowers people, particularly women, to work their own way out of poverty and to provide a brighter future for themselves and their family. They do this by providing tools and training for people to start their own small enterprise and earn a decent income. 

The Mac Bevan Charitable Trust is providing funding for the second year of a Cooks Training programme, following a successful pilot project, run jointly by Shivia and their partner SAATH and funded by MBCT. 

Our funding is helping young women from slum areas to develop the skills to become Home Managers. Developing cooking skills and providing training in basic finance and safeguarding issues significantly increases young women’s potential to earn an income safely and with dignity. Additionally, we are funding an entrepreneurship training module to develop the skills of young women who are keen to open their own small enterprises once they have completed their training.

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